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Reliable & dependable York-based web designer & developer with over 15 years experience producing digital products for some of the world's biggest brands, to the very highest standards.

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Expert knowledge of the leading CMS platform

Working with agencies as a one-man design & development outlet means I've got a fantastically broad skillset and am able to deliver high-quality, complete digital solutions with demanding requirements and deadlines. My expertise with the immensely popular Wordpress CMS is hard to beat, which enables extremely rapid and cost-effective solutions for start-ups and small businesses. Read more >


A square peg for a square hole

I commonly take the leading open-source CMS platforms and leverage their core functionality to deliver rapid and cost-effective results. I do this, but I custom code, from the ground up, simple or elaborate templates, plugins, complimentary frameworks and functionality tailored to the brief. There are no clunky and lethargic add-ons here... off-the-peg themes are far too compromising. Read more >


First-class website design based in York

I discovered my path in this field right from the start and have since honed my craft by working with large agencies, organisations and startups on a wide variety of complex projects. This includes bespoke training systems, CRM tools, e-brochures, web animation work and everything inbetween, for brands such as Mercedes-Benz, Pepsi, Honda, Sky, Premier Inn, Evian, Danone and World Vision. Read more >

Straight-to-source digital agency standards

Bywater Digital is the service of Phil Bywater, a complete designer, developer, animator, project planner, technical analyst and digital consultant.

He picked up a 1st class honours degree in 2005 and has since worked with some of the UK's most established agencies. Through an eagerness to learn, a desire to deliver the very best and most robust solutions, and by being compelled to keep ahead of the curve, he is able to offer web design/development services that will match anything you will find from a large team, at a lower cost.

He will help start-ups create a marketing strategy, develop the digital tools they need and generate a professional online presence. He will take agency design/development briefs and make them a reality. Problem solving, logical thinking, a pragmatic approach and practical coding are what he does, day-in day-out! Service Overview >

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