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About Me

Who. Why. How?

Bear with me while I take you on a tale of events and successes that landed me in my current situation and ultimately brought you here ;)

Design. Develop. Deliver.

Phil Bywater - Web developer, design and Wordpress Theem/plugin author

My path in all things digital began at college in ‘98 where I studied graphic design and computer programming at A-level. I received an A and B grade respectively which lined me up nicely for a single year studying HNC Multimedia Design.

This is where my energy and enthusiasm for digital production REALLY grew. We had some great teachers that we able to bring out the best in us!

I received a Distinction for the HNC course and progressed on to study a BA degree in Multimedia Design at University. My enthusiasm and confidence continued to ramp up as I produced excellent results in all areas, genuinely pushing myself to learn more and continually get better.

I eventually achieved a 1st class and graduated with honors, which I am still immensely proud of.

I was handed my certificate by Captain Jean-Luc Picard! (well, Patrick Stewart actually).

Moving on

My next achievement came shortly after when my final-year project was entered in to the annual SH! Awards, a competition for students from the best local universities working in the digital world. I managed to take 1st place which was fantastic, but it was the recognition from respected individuals in the field and my peers that was most rewarding.

Sh! Award winner
Choosing freelance

After this success a few job offers and approaches came in and I immediately went in to a freelance role.

At first I committed most of my resources to one or two agencies, but over the next several years established relationships with several large agencies and worked on projects for some of the world’s biggest brands.

Continued trust and faith in my abilities

I have maintained these relationships ever since, and I am thankful to all of the directors, project managers, designers, tech folk and everybody in-between for continuing to have confidence in my abilities to deliver top-quality products for such demanding clients, at the highest level.

Through my career I have been tasked with almost all aspects of multimedia production. Animation for web was a core part of my skillset early on. As the digital landscape changed I moved with the times and my primary focus now is engaging UX/front-end design and back-end development (PHP/MySQL) to come up with world-class websites for agencies and clients alike. I keep an eye on the best systems, frameworks and technologies in order to offer an extremely efficient, cost-effective and solid solution to fulfill any brief. I know what works best and how to implement it.

I have worked in a one-man design studio capacity for several agencies and fulfilled many different roles to produce thoroughly accomplished and complex web-based systems. I believe this makes me one of the most versatile developers you might find.

What else?

My main hobby is something that actually supplements my work life. I’m still not sure if that’s a good or a bad thing!

I love taking photos of new and interesting places, and combining that with travel whenever and wherever possible. I’ve travelled around quite a lot of Europe and have my sights set on the landscapes of Canada.

I play tennis most weekends and try to get out on the hills as much as I can (which isn’t nearly enough!). The Lake District and Snowdonia are a couple of my favourite spots.

Other than that, and the usual stuff people are in to, I’m genuinely interested in new technologies on the web and how we’ll all be communicating with each other in the future!


If you are still wondering why you should hire me for your next project then check out some work, read up on my services then give me a shout.