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Engaging animated banners for Mercedes

Multiple animated ad banner sets designed to engage and convert.

Web animation and story

Mercedes-Benz banner ads

I have been asked to produce multiple series of animated banner ads covering several Mercedes Benz products, for a range of individual campaigns. Each campaign had its own very individual theme and requirements, leading to some fun results!

Snap a Match Face

One series of ads was timed for the football World Cup and played on peoples ‘game face’… The faces you pull at those crucial moments of near misses, goals, off-sides and nasty tackles. Those moments that your face becomes a contorted gurning mess! Faces flash in and out on the side of Vito vans as they drive by. Balls ping around, stars flash and national flags pop up. The ads were pretty hard to miss.

The Vito delivers

Some other campaigns were a bit more formal and to the point, highlighting the strengths of the vehicles. The key was bringing these strengths to life with visuals and motion rich enough to engage the user.

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