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An animated and highly interactive digital training guide for bar staff

An online interactive training guide developed for bar staff, to act as a promotional brand awareness tool by Pepsi.

Pepsi Coaching Tool

t was great when I was commissioned to develop an animated and interactive training tool for Pepsi, with which they could send out to staff in bars and restaurants serving Pepsi products. The tool incorporates video, audio, animation, games and interactive puzzles.

Animation for web

The training tool needed to be engaging and have an app-like feel throughout. A key part of the build was the interface, and bringing the content to life through semi-complex transitions, moving text and images, and a fresh modern design. Text slides up, down, left and right, slotting in to position and adding impact as each scene builds up from a blank screen. All elements from each scene transition in and out, leading to the next.

Interactive games and puzzles

Interactivity comes in the form of visual Q&A puzzles, spot the difference and┬ádrag/drop bar setup. It’s not exactly Call of Duty, but far more engaging than reading a word document which in turn helps the content hit home and makes for a more educational application.

Video to support e-learning

Another key part of the application is the use of video. Certain scenes were story-boarded and shot using a main central character, who introduced some sections, discussed the points raised, highlighted problems and solution, and generally leads the user through the content in an entertaining way.

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