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Ping Golf

Animated banner ads showcasing the Ping golf club ranges

The animation of multiple banner ad series, showcasing the many Ping Golf product ranges.

Web animation and story

We have worked producing animated banner ads for over 40 different Ping campaigns over the last 8 years. Some of these have been variations on the same theme, but as a whole they have presented an opportunity to animate in many different styles.

From flash to HTML5

The earliest sets of banners used flash. If you’re relatively new in the industry then you can be forgiven for not knowing much about flash, quite recently it dies a quick and painful death! Thought flash is now long-gone, it served a great purpose. The fundamentals behind its timeline animation are still alive and can easily be applied to new formats. Working with flash from its early days gave us a huge appreciation of animation rhythm, timing and impact.

Bringing things up to date a little, we now create all animated banners in the HTML5 format, which works on all devices. We build them to all common size specifications, which includes standard banner, skyscraper, MPU, leaderboard and everything in between.

Working with Designers

We can design the initial artwork, or take other designers creative and bring it to life. We build the banners to suit all major ad servers such as Google Double-click.

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