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York-based PHP developer

Bespoke PHP Website Development.

Uncompromising custom-built web applications to eliminate restriction, boost efficiency and streamline complex processes in niche situations.


From an agency point of view, I keep everything modular, lean, lightweight and efficient. I limit bloat as much as possible and make sure the system is always extensible for future additions and development.


From a direct client point of view, you get a slick, fast and stable product that does exactly what you want it to! You have more freedom when planning what you want your website to do and how it should do it.


A thorough working knowledge of PHP, MySQL and multiple 3rd-party integrations.

Less restriction

Bespoke solutions that are tailored to the unique requirements of a brief.

High performance

Lean and lightweight solutions that are built with speed and efficiency in mind.

Does bespoke development cost more?

The answer here is yes, there is no way around that. However, I make use of libraries and frameworks (Codeigniter) where possible to take care of the repetitive tasks common to most systems. E.g. certain user-management tasks (login, logout, password reset etc), form data handling (file/image uploads and processing) and data manipulation (cleansing and storing).

Is bespoke development too cost and time restrictive for me?

It really depends on your project and what it needs to do. One of my main strengths is my speed. I offer surprisingly rapid development due to being pretty good at problem solving, logical thinking and taking a pragmatic approach to development. I never try to re-invent the wheel or take the long laborious path because it is currently in fashion. I’m great at getting the job done, to a high standard, to a sensible cost and within any reasonable timescale.

Often though, using a CMS such as wordpress and mixing in a little bespoke development will give you exactly what you need with the best time/cost/flexibility combination.