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Expert Wordpress development

Wordpress theme & plugin design / development.

Bespoke Wordpress theme and plugin development, tailored to each projects unique requirements, able to fulfil any breif.

Wordpress Themes & Plugins | Design + Development

Wordpress Developer York - Wordpress themes and plugins

I don't use restrictive, clunky, bloated and insecure off-the-peg themes.

I custom build bespoke themes and plugins tailored to the brief. I leverage the rapid development potential that existing plugins offer, providing they don't compromise stability, speed and performance. They really must be right for the job and integrate seamlessly.

Versatile and rapid

Intricate knowledge of the Wordpress framework and an ability to deliver results within a small timeframe.

I wholeheartedly believe Wordpress offers near infinite design flexibility, refined usability and endless extensibility.

Full service

The complete design, development, strategy and implementation service, along with a willingness to take on a specific role within a team.

I'll use Wordpress to provide robust secure frameworks with the potential to build almost any type of website or application that a brief demands.

Experience & expertise

Extensive industry experience and unmatched expertise working with the Wordpress platform.

Wordpress, like many other systems, is only limited by the person developing and designing with it.

'Developing with' Vs 'using' Wordpress

A large part of Wordpress's success can be attributed to its ease of use and speed of set up. For very simple websites, Wordpress offers an incredibly rapid and cost-effective solution that even rookie developers can leverage to deliver polished looking websites.

Where it gets tricky is finding someone who has a deep understanding of the wordpress architecture and code base, who can custom build functions and plugins to build more advanced online applications at enterprise level. This is where I fit in!

I am also extremely sympathetic to how individuals and organisations use and engage with a CMS. The back-end is as important as the front-end. It needs to be trimmed down to the necessary essentials, de-cluttered, white-labeled where possible, and have a strong focus on the business of managing content effectively and intuitively.

Cost-effective, rapid development

Aside from anything else, it largely boils down to 'how much' and 'how fast' (and 'how good' too!). 'Good', 'cheap' and 'fast' rarely fit in to the same box, and I can't claim to be the cheapest, but I can work incredibly fast when needed, and always deliver an exceptional product. My fees are actually very competitive too though. I cost up jobs on a per-project basis as they all have their own unique requirements.

If you have identified Wordpress as the CMS for you, or think it might be a good choice for your project, give me a call on 01904 375950 or fill out the form here to see what can be done.